John O'Connor

indexWelcome! Whether you've been directed to this site, or simply happen to have stumbled upon it, you're now in contact with one of a small number of properly qualified, certified, and highly accomplished dog trainers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Professionally training dogs for over 30 years in both Europe and the USA, John and Kate O'Connor have developed comprehensive training programs for puppies and adult companion dogs of all breeds.

In addition to extensive accomplishments in the world of dog sports, John's unique approach to the behavior modification aspect of his profession has been widely acclaimed by veterinarians, humane societies, animal control agencies, rescue organizations, other trainers and behaviorists - not to mention countless satisfied dog owners.

Please visit the "About Us" page to review our qualifications and accomplishments; navigate through the "FAQ" pages to identify, and possibly find answers to, behavior issues relative to your dog; then feel free to call or email to discuss your particular situation. I'll be more that happy to spend a bit of time with you via phone or email.